Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is there such a thing as banana juice?

Q. My baby sister won't eat bananas and the doctor said she needs to eat them. So i was thinking maybe sher would drink banana juice

A. you wont be able to buy just pure banana juice in the stores, but there are always banana-strawberry juices.. if you want you could just try to figure out how to extract the juice from bananas but i cant imagine that tasting good. try banana bread or muffins. those are full of bananas but you really cant tell. plus, it tastes great.

Is Banana Juice really Gangulys favourite drink?
Q. I found this on wikipedia:
Rahul Dravid once commented giving him his banana, "On the off-side, first there is God, then there is Ganguly�. Which brings to light Gangulys favourite drink -- Banana juice or sugarcane juice. Both he relishes. He prefers to drink babanajuice after a hectic day of stroking.

A. Lol,

Rahul gave him his Banana? What are you talking about?lol
I don't know about that but it's funny, ha ha ha

What is the name of the company that makes the juice sold in the BX/PX on deployed bases in SW Asia?
Q. I want to see if I can order banana juice and have it shipped to my house, but I don't remember who makes it.

A. Granini. Its some good stuff. I am not sure it is available in the US but I could be wrong. Website below.

Does this carrot juice sound good?
Q. Carrot Banana Juice

6 Fresh Carrots
2 Bananas

This is a great mix. The bananas and carrots create a very sweet smooth blend, perfect for a breakfast or desert drink. A lot of our clients like this one. We recommend peeling the bananas before juicing in this case.

And Possible A little bit of citrus fruit.

A. Yes, I would give it a try.=)

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